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What does your diamond shape say about you?

Regardless of whether you’re looking for the perfect dress ring to match wardrobe items, or a distinctive engagement ring for your life partner, getting the details right is vital. The shape you select – needs to reflect the personal style of the wearer, and the beauty of diamonds is that they can have a style all their own. They can appear modern, classic or completely unique. So let’s get to know the most popular cuts and the styles they traditionally represent.


Round Brilliant Cut
Understated & timeless

Highly popular, this shape represents approximately 75% of all diamonds sold. Due to how it’s crafted, the Round Brilliant Cut is highly reflective to light, and maximises potential brightness, often more than others, which makes it so in-demand. It appeals to those that are traditionally classic and elegant, with a sentimental quality.


Oval Cut
Classic elegance

Oval cuts were first created in the 50s and 60s. They embrace the brilliance of a round diamond, but provide a more distinctive and unique shape for the wearer. They can give the impression you are wearing a diamond that is much larger than a typical round cut item, but are often slightly less expensive (up to 20%). Oval cut diamonds appeal to individuals who are classic, elegant and on-trend.


Princess Cut
A traditionalist at heart

First created in 1980, this is the most popular ‘fancy’ diamond shape, particularly chosen for engagement rings because of its combination of sparkle and modern shape. Like Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Princess Cut Diamonds are a good choice for their flexibility in working with almost any style of ring. This cut appeals to a more modern person with an adventurous spirit.


Cushion Cut
Golden age glamour

Recently brought to fame for its appearance in the movie the Great Gatsby as Daisy’s engagement ring, this shape is reminiscent of the 1920’s classic style. The Cushion Cut represents a woman with vintage flair who is looking for a more antique style.


Pear Cut
Embracing femininity

Shaped like a tear of joy, the pear shape is both curved and pointed, making it one of the most distinctive cuts of diamonds available on the market. It appeals to women who embrace femininity, are sophisticated, stylish, yet are very much their own person as individuals and do not want a shape that looks like anyone else.


Emerald Cut Diamond
Strong & bold

This beautiful cut is inspired by the gemstone of the same name. An elongated shape that emphasises clarity. The Emerald Cut is a good choice for those who think that sparkle isn’t necessarily the only quality to look for in a diamond. This Cut appeals to those with a strong and bold personality.


Marquise Cut Diamond
Different & unique

This may appeal to those who want a larger-looking engagement ring. Its elongated shape gives the illusion of lengthening the ring finger. This Cut also appeals to a modern woman, who likes to think of herself as different and unique. 

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Heart Cut Diamond

The heart shape is often seen as a larger than life diamond that can appear bigger than it appears. To accentuate the shape it often requires a diamond larger than 0.5 carat and can be best shown off in a simple ring. It is one of the hardest cuts to make and does require skill. If you wear the heart you’re a person that’s admired, successful, and everyone wants to please you, and you own it!