Mazzucchelli's Sponsorships

Mazzucchelli's at the 2023 HeartKids WA Gala Ball

Mazzucchelli’s was proud to support national not-for-profit organisation HeartKids, that support and advocate for all people impacted by childhood heart disease. The Mazzucchelli’s Diamond Bar was a great success, selling glasses of sparkling to guests for the chance to win a 1 carat diamond! With all funds generated from the bar going toward the organisation. Congratulations to the winner who took home a 1 carat diamond solitaire ring. Thank you to everyone who attended, supported, and contributed to the Mazzucchelli’s Diamond Bar and to the success of the HeartKids Gala. 

Mazzucchelli's HeartKids Diamond Bar


Mazzucchelli's at 2021 Gala in the Spring

Mazzucchelli's were happy to sponsor Project Humanity's annual Gala, were Project Humanity Australia raised a fantastic amount of $46,841.24.


Project Humanity Australia will carefully manage the funds raised to go to those who need it the most. Their first and immediate project will be a major Christmas and New Year Gifts Distribution to people in Vietnam from remote villages. To those living visually impaired, with disabilities, chronically sick elderly and the young families in hardship.

Mazzucchelli's was able to help Project Humanity Australia Inc. to achieve their goal to hand deliver over 700 parcels in 5 villages in Vietnam's.

You can find out more about this worthwhile cause here.


Mazzucchelli's at the 2021 Jodi-Lee Foundation 10-Year Anniversary Gala

Mazzucchelli’s was very proud to support the Jodi Lee Foundation at its 10-year Anniversary Gala Ball. Mazzucchelli's Champagne Bar was a huge success and sold out tickets with all funds going towards the foundation. Congratulations to the lucky winner who won a a loose diamond from our Promise Collection. Thank you to all the team members for such a successful event. Special mention to Longines Watch Co. Francillion Ltd. for supporting the event alongside Mazzucchelli's - CEO, Mudit Vora.
You can find out more about this worthwhile cause here.

Mazzucchelli's at the 2020 BrainChild Ball 

Mazzucchelli’s are delighted to join The BrainChild Ball for its fifth consecutive year! Presented proudly by the Pirate Ship Foundation, The BrainChild Ball transports guests to an exotic location for an unforgettable evening of glamour, discovery, taste and adventure – all in the name of fundraising and awareness.

Each year, the story of a child who has experienced brain cancer is shared. Their journey highlighting the struggle of life with childhood brain cancer and the devastating impact this disease has on both them and their family.

At Mazzucchelli’s, we live to brighten lives and understand that research into finding a cure for childhood brain cancer takes drive, commitment and passion. Together with the Pirate Ship Foundation, we are proud to give generously and help raise vital funds to support these children and their families.

You can find out more about this worthwhile cause here.