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Ring Sizing, Find Your Fit In 4 Easy Steps

Selecting an engagement ring can is an exciting and monumental occasion. Choosing the correct ring size needn't be a stressful process.   

Let’s walk through some tips and simple methods to determining ring size and finding the perfect fit.  

Tips for Finding the Correct Ring Size 

The ideal ring fit is loose enough to slide over your knuckle and tight enough so that it cannot fall off your finger.  

A few tips to ensure a perfect fit:  

  • Measure a few times. Whatever method you choose, be sure to measure the size a couple of times to ensure your calculations are accurate. 
  • Take measurements at the end of the day. Finger sizes sometimes change depending on the weather and time of day. For best results, measure finger size at the end of the day when hands are warm. Early in the morning, hands can be cold and therefore smaller. 
  • The wider the ring, the tighter it will fit on a finger. Rings with a wider band usually fit more snugly and need to be a bit larger. For anything 5mm or more in width, go a half size up. 
  • When the knuckle is bigger than the base of the finger. It’s a good idea to measure both the base of the finger and knuckle, then pick a size in between the two. 
  • Your dominant hand is usually larger. Therefore, ensure you measure the specific finger on which you are planning to wear the ring. 
  • Many people find that a variance of a half size or less will still fit comfortably most of the time. 

Printable Ring Size Guide 

We have created an easy-to-use Ring Size Guide; the simplest way to get an accurate size. 

Download and print the guide here

How to use:  

  1. Simply select an existing ring that fits the intended finger.  
  1. Print the guide and place the ring over the circles until the inside of the ring matches a circle.  
  1. If your ring falls between two sizes, select the larger size 
  1. Note down the letter and head into your local Mazzucchelli’s or online to select the perfect piece 

What if I order the wrong size? Can rings be resized?  

If the fit isn’t perfect on the day, there is no need to worry, re-sizing of most rings is a simple process, speak to your local Mazzucchelli’s service professional for advice if you are unsure. With our Extended Care Plan you will receive free ring sizing (up to 2 sizes) as well as a range of other benefits, ensuring your ring remains as stunning as the day it was made.  

Book an appointment 

Book a private appointment at your local Mazzucchelli’s today. One of our friendly experts will guide you through our stunning collection of diamond engagement rings and help you to uncover the perfect ring for your partner.  

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