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Necklace sizing, what fits best?

We all come in different shapes and sizes. So too should our jewellery. The best way to work out what necklace size will look great on you comes down to a range of factors, that aren’t necessarily based on your physical neck size alone. The style of item, and how you are choosing to wear it, as well as the clothing you might choose to wear your necklace or chain with can all play a part.


Usually 45cm (18”) – Common for standard necklaces and pendants worn daily.

For a larger framed person 55cm (22”) – Also known as matinee length.


OPTION 1: Use an existing necklace and use a tape measure.

OPTION 2: Take a piece of string, place it around your neck, and hold the ends together to most closely match the look you wish to achieve, then measure.


When it comes to a necklace, it’s important to know there are a myriad of different fashionable styles. Seeing them, and knowing which is which will assist you when making the best purchase.

They look fantastic with a range of clothing, particularly off the shoulder, crew and boat necklines. It’s important to realise that if you have a larger frame or don’t like tight fitting jewellery, that this style may not be for you.

Standard or Princess
The most common style, the Standard (or Princess) looks flattering with most outfits and most often drops to a V-Shape. As such it does look great with V-neck garments, as well as those with surplice or sweetheart necklines.

A versatile length that can look outstanding with business or casual attire. It tends to work best with over collared shirts and higher necklines and is also well suited if you are a taller person over the Standard option above.

A great high neckline necklace length, the Opera is so-named as it is an elegant option for evening wear and formal occasions. The Opera, due to its long length can also be wrapped more than once around your neck – to form a double stranded collar or choker if you so choose.

A Rope necklace is a very long item that is typically used to wrap your neck. It is longer than the Opera and can be double stranded, or folded in half with one end looped through to form a lariat feature.

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