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Choosing the correct size for your watch? We’re here to help.

The size of a watch depends on the diameter of the dial.

The choice of your dial can be a matter of personal preference.

On a man’s watch the size typically varies between 36 and 42 mm.

For a Ladies’ watch, smaller sizes with dials smaller than 36 mm are common.

If you like the idea of a ‘large’ size on your wrist, then you’ll be looking for a size at or larger than 42 mm.


Our printable PDF guide is a great start and in addition you’ll find many other helpful tools online to assist you by googling ‘watch sizing guide’. Using our sheet, you will be able to measure the ideal size of your band according to your wrist size.

Once you’ve found your right size, you can choose it when ordering on our website.

Do note that not all pages and products may specify exact sizing on our website as we constantly update products and their details regularly. If you have a specific request with regard to sizes, please note it when ordering or contact us directly on and state your order number. Any requests for sizes must be sent the moment you purchase please so we can assist you in a timely way.

Click here to download the sizing chart