Make your promise unforgettable with our exclusive Promise Collection. A diamond is the purchase of a lifetime, an everlasting symbol that represents everything you are and will be together. A promise that says ‘I’ll be beside you always’.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lab Grown Diamonds have the exact same physical and chemical properties as an earth born diamond (DNA)

Lab Grown diamonds are identical in appearance to a earth born diamond and specialised equipment is required to
tell the difference

ab Grown diamonds are grown in a lab from a natural diamond seed. The diamond seeds are placed in a chamber that mimics the same conditions as an earth born diamond (grown under extreme heat and pressure)

A lab grown diamond takes approximately 3-4 weeks to grow. Once the rough diamond is ready, it is cut and polished to an excellent standard and maximise the 4Cs - Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour.