Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil Watches

The Swiss watchmaking Maison brings to the fore the watchmaking skills and expertise patiently acquired in Switzerland over the centuries.

Precision, quality, reliability, nobility and high-tech materials are the demanding standards of a philosophy that earns it the much-coveted ‘Swiss-made’ label. 

Raymond Weil Freelancer Calibre RW1212 Men's Automatic Green dial Steel Watch 2780-STC-52001 $3,395.00
Toccata Ladies Two-tone Rose Gold 11 Diamond Quartz Watch 5985-SP5-97081 Enquire below
Freelancer Calibre RW1212 Men's Automatic Blue dial Steel Watch 2780-ST-50001 $3,395.00

Raymond Weil Toccata Ladies Quartz Two-tone Gold 11 Diamond Watch, 34mm, white mother-of-pearl dial, 5385-STP-97081 $1,650.00
Raymond Weil Toccata Ladies Two-tone Diamond Quartz Watch, 23.4 x 34.6 mm Mother-of-pearl dial, diamonds & roman numeral indexes, 5925-STP-00995 $1,795.00
Raymond Weil Toccata Ladies Gold Diamond Quartz Watch, 23.4 x 34.6 mm, Mother-of-pearl dial, diamonds & roman numeral indexes, 5925-P-00995 $1,895.00

Tango Classic Men's Quartz Two-tone Gold Steel Bracelet Watch 8160-STP-00308 $1,995.00
Tango Classic Men's Quartz Steel Blue Bracelet Watch 8160-ST-00508 $1,795.00
Tango Classic Men's Quartz Black Steel Bracelet Watch 8160-ST-00208 $1,795.00

Freelancer Men's Automatic Chronograph Silver Dial Watch 7731-ST2-65655 $4,395.00
Freelancer Men's Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Watch 7731-ST1-20621 $4,395.00
Freelancer Men's Automatic Chronograph Blue Leather Watch 7731-SC3-65521 Enquire below

Toccata Ladies Quartz Two-tone Gold 11 Diamond Watch 5985-STP-97081 $1,550.00
Toccata Ladies White Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Quartz Watch 5985-ST-97081 $1,450.00
Toccata Ladies Quartz Two-tone Gold 11 Diamond Watch 5985-SP5-20081 $1,550.00

Toccata Ladies Classic Gold Diamond Steel Watch 5985-P-97081 $1,650.00
Tango Classic Ladies Quartz Gold Two-Tone Stainless Steel Diamond Watch 5960-STP-00995 Enquire below
Freelancer Ladies Quartz Two-Tone Rose Gold Date Watch 5634-SP5-65021 $1,895.00

Freelancer Ladies Quartz 12 Diamond Two-Tone Gold Watch 5629-STP-97081 Enquire below
Parsifal Men's Quartz Classic White Dial Bracelet Watch 5580 -STP-00308 $2,295.00
Toccata Men's Classic Two-tone White Dial Quartz Watch 5485-STP-00300 $1,450.00

Toccata Men's Classic Blue Dial Quartz Watch 5485-STC-50001 $1,150.00
Toccata Men's Classic Black Dial Quartz Watch 5485-STC-20001 Enquire below
Toccata Men's Classic Steel Blue Dial Quartz Watch 5485-ST-50001 $1,350.00

Toccata Men's Classic Two-tone Black Dial Quartz Watch 5485-SP5-20001 $1,450.00
Toccata Men's Classic Brown Leather Strap Quartz Watch 5485-SL5-65001 $1,150.00
Toccata Men's Classic PVD Gold White Dial Quartz Watch 5485-P-00300 $1,495.00

Parsifal Ladies Quartz Classic 8 Diamond Dial Watch 5180 -STP-00995 $2,295.00
Parsifal Ladies Quartz Classic Mother-of-Pearl 8 Diamond Bracelet Watch 5180 -ST -00995 $2,100.00
Freelancer Calibre RW1212 Skeleton Men's Automatic Black Watch 2785-BC5-20001 Enquire below

Freelancer Men's Automatic Calibre RW1212 Gold Silver Watch 2780-STP-65001 $3,595.00
Freelancer Calibre RW1212 Men's Automatic Black dial Steel Watch 2780-ST-20001 $3,395.00
Freelancer RW1212 Men's Rose Gold Open Aperture Watch 2780-SP5-20001 Enquire below

Freelancer Men's Automatic Classic Two-Tone Yellow Gold Date Watch 2731-STP-65001 Enquire below
Freelancer Men's Automatic Blue Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch 2731-ST-50001 $2,795.00
Maestro Moon Phase Men's Automatic Silver Mesh Steel Watch 2239M-ST-00659 $2,575.00

Maestro Men's Rose Gold Automatic Genuine Calf Leather Watch 2237-PC5-65001 Enquire below
Maestro Blues' Men's Automatic Rose Tone Watch 2237-PC5-00508 $2,250.00
Maestro Blues Visible Balance Wheel Automatic Leather Watch 2227-STC-00508 $2,200.00

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Tips for Finding Your Correct Ring Size
The ideal ring fit is loose enough to slide over your knuckle and tight enough so that it cannot fall off your finger.

Many people find that a variance of a half size or less will still fit comfortably most of the time.

Measuring your Finger
We have provided an easy way to measure your correct ring size with our Ring Size Guide

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