Our unique history

1859: Joseph Mazzucchelli, an Italian from the village of Poschiavo in Switzerland, arrives in Victoria, Australia in search of gold.

1876: Joseph’s son, Matthew is born in Stawell, Victoria and trains in the district as a watchmaker and jeweller for 8 years.

1898: Matthew marries the daughter of a sprinting champion ('Honest' George Cronk) moves to Coolgardie, and then Boulder in the Kalgoorlie region (WA) soon after.

1903: Watchmaker Matthew Mazzucchelli and jeweller Sam Downes open the ‘Golden Doors’ on the first ever store in Lane St, Boulder WA, South-East of Kalgoorlie.

1905: The store moves to Hannan St, where the clock from location keeps trams running on time.  (The clock survives to this day at the Kalgoorlie Goldfields Museum).

1912: Sam Downes departs the partnership to set up his own business in Albany, WA. Mazzucchelli & Downes, becomes simply ‘Mazzucchelli’s'.

1920: The Mazzucchelli’s family move from Kalgoorlie, to open their first store in Perth (Old Central Arcade, Hay St).

1920-1996: The business thrives and grows, opening stores across numerous locations across Western Australia, including many that continue to trade to this day, including Carousel (1972) and Garden City (1984).

1996: Mazzucchelli’s is purchased by Adelaide-based Sheppards Jewellers, which evolves to become The Jewellery Group.

2007: Quadrant Private Equity purchases The Jewellery Group.

2011: M Suresh Group purchases The Jewellery Group.

2019: Mazzucchelli’s celebrates 115 brilliant years of precious moments, memories, friends, colleagues and family.

Present Day: Mazzucchelli’s continues to hold a special place in the hearts of its customers across the country.

Since opening our ‘golden doors’ in 1903, Mazzucchelli’s has grown across five States and Territories. The secret to our success has been a philosophy built upon this history – that there is a special something within everyone’s means, something that will forever reflect those special moments in life. And we continue this tradition, reflected in the same two passions from where we started – diamonds and timepieces.