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“There’s only thing worth more than a Diamond. Love.”


In 1859 the Australian Gold Rush was at its peak and travellers from around the globe flocked to our shores. Joseph Mazzucchelli was among them. The fortune he eventually found was in wisdom, which he passed onto his son, Matthew. Toiling the goldfields while Matthew studied watchmaking, Joseph would reflect: “There’s only one thing worth more than a Diamond. Love.” Matthew moved to Kalgoorlie with this advice, and there met a keen-eyed jeweller named Sam Downes. The two had a vision and passion for their crafts and with that, in 1903 our business was born.

Now more than 115 years later after opening those ‘Golden Doors’, the Mazzucchelli name shines bright. We have since expanded into 5 states and territories, and at every step, created a legacy built on family, craftsmanship and holding onto what’s most precious. Our statement, ‘Carry Love With You Always’ epitomises this, and we have been proud to have been part of countless family celebrations and memories – spanning more than a century.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your stay, come back often, and we do hope you find something precious along the way.

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