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Discover exquisite jewellery gifts to mark the special moment of your anniversary. From classic diamond rings to luxurious necklaces and elegant earrings, we've curated a selection of timeless pieces crafted to impress. With international shipping and delivery to Australia, lavish in the art of gifting with our opulent jewellery collection.
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Celebrating wedding anniversaries with a gemstone or precious metal, goes back centuries, and has its origins in when a man would crown his wife with a silver or gold wreath on their wedding anniversary.
With each passing year, love and memories can grow even stronger. Show how deeply you care with an anniversary gift that expresses your thoughts beautifully from Mazzucchelli’s. We offer a range of exquisite items, and can assist you in-store with finding a unique item for that unique person in your life.

Anniversary gifts – Gold
All that glitters is gold, and the best relationships are those that shine brightly. Gold in earliest times was a symbol of strength, due to its inability to corrode or fade. It also represents prosperity, courage, passion and wisdom.

Anniversary gifts – Pearl
Pearls are enduring. They last under pressure and actually grow stronger as a result. So it can be seen as a beautiful and long lasting symbol of all that two people have achieved together as a couple. They also represent purity, generosity and integrity.

Anniversary gifts – Sapphire
Sapphires are known for their depth and striking blue colour. Symbolically they are known to represent deep, lasting love, as well as hope and faith. They also represent kindness, power and wise judgement.

Anniversary gifts – Diamond
Traditionally, diamonds are beautiful while being undeniably strong, extremely rare and almost unbreakable. They represent unbroken bonds and love for an eternity. They can also symbolise perfection, intellectual knowledge and light.

Anniversary gifts – Ruby
The ruby has a sparkling dance all its own under the right lighting conditions. As a stone it is thought to possess a passionate ‘inner flame’ that remains alive and strong throughout the years – very much as a successful pairing of two people in love does.

Anniversary gifts – Emerald
An emerald is a symbol of true love. Traditionally, emeralds are thought to change shade if ever the wearer is no longer in love! On anniversaries, an emerald represents an incredible milestone, as well as devotion and adoration. They can also represent balance, peace, healing and fertility.

Anniversary gifts – Silver
Items made of silver are both an outstanding traditional and modern gift. Silver is admired for its radiance and brilliance, making it the perfect precious item to give to your life partner. It can also represent grace, glamour, success and wealth, as well as the natural elements of moon, tide and reflection.