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Anatomy of a Ring

More goes into the creation of your ring than might be apparent at first glance. Let’s take a look at all the intricacies that jewellery designers and creators must explore when bringing your ring to life.
  1. Centre Stone: The most prominent stone or focal point in the setting.
  1. Head: Sometimes referred to as the setting, the head secures the centre stone in place. 
  1. Side Stones: Larger or more prominent stones, set on either side of the centre stone.
  1. Accent Stones: Smaller diamonds or gemstones used to decorate the shoulders of the ring.
  1. Gallery: Visible from a side view, the area below the centre stone. Some galleries are highly elaborate while others are minimalistic.
  1. Shoulders: The uppermost part of the shank holding the head of the ring. These are often studded with accent stones.
  1. Shank: The band or part of the ring that wraps around the finger.