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Wedding Rings By Design

Wedding Rings

Every wedding ring is created circular to represent a love that is unbroken and eternal. Placed on the placed on the finger closest to the heart, below the engagement ring, this item is one of the most important symbols of love and commitment you can possibly wear. On a person’s wedding day, it is often common to move your engagement ring to the right-hand right before walking down the aisle then, slip it back on to the ring finger after the ceremony later.

Size Guide

You’ve found the perfect ring but have no idea what size you need. By following our tips and using our printable Ring Size Guide, finding out your ring size is easier than you think.

Tips for Finding Your Correct Ring Size
The ideal ring fit is loose enough to slide over your knuckle and tight enough so that it cannot fall off your finger.

Many people find that a variance of a half size or less will still fit comfortably most of the time.

Measuring your Finger
We have provided an easy way to measure your correct ring size with our Ring Size Guide

Download our Ring Size Guide here