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Discover the Legend of Le Vian®

From ancient royalty to today’s red carpet, Le Vian®’s passion for fine jewellery design spans centuries. Expert master craftsmanship, exquisite profile detailing, and vibrant color are the hallmarks of this family owned jeweler who is internationally recognized for unique and high quality designs.

Le Vian® is the premier forecaster of fine jewellery trends, collaborating with top fashion editors to predict the upcoming trends, driving the creation of 40,000 original new designs every year, each piece starting with a pencil and paper. Over 1 million loyal Le Vian® collectors worldwide crave the addictive uniqueness and individuality of Le Vian® designs - from style conscious fashionistas to Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, hundreds of whom each year choose Le Vian® for their red carpet appearances.

Le Vian® is the originator and exclusive provider of Chocolate Diamonds® worldwide. Rarer than white diamonds, Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® are the top 5% of natural fancy color brown diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia, specially chosen for their Chocolaty flavor, defined as C4-C6 on the color scale and SI and higher in clarity, cut by Le Vian®’s discerning craftsmen, and made into the world’s most beautiful and desirable jewellery.

Le Vian®’s commitment to its one million collectors lasts a lifetime, issuing a Certificate of Authenticity and appraisal that authenticates and describes the details and quality of each piece, and registers the information in the collector’s name. Each Certificate of Authenticity comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the life of the registered owner.