Blueprinting, 3-Dimensional Symmetry and Zero Tolerance cutting result in a diamond of unmatched sparkle and beauty. However, these elements are only the final platform upon which the ultimate beauty of a RAND Diamond is achieved.

The making of a fine musical instrument utilises the finest components and technological skills. But only when tuned by the maestros ear to perfection does any musical instrument truly become a masterpiece. Without this final human adjustment the true expression of the instrument is lost. This too is equally true perfecting the expression of a RAND Diamond.

After a RAND Diamond has met every measurable specification it is given to one of a select group of master diamond cutters. These master cutters then fine tune each individual RAND Diamond by eye just as a maestro would fine tune a Stradivarius by ear. Interestingly, just as with a musical instrument, this fine tuning process can only be done by a human being utilising their skill and senses, something that no machine can define or measure.

Your eye can see the result.