The Watchmaker & The Jeweller

In 1859 Joseph Mazzucchelli came to Australia in search of gold. But the fortune he passed onto his son Matthew came in the way of wisdom. Working on the goldfields, while Matthew was studying watchmaking, his father would reflect: ‘there’s only one thing worth more than a Diamond. Love.’ When Matthew Mazzucchelli moved to Kalgoorlie, he met a keen eyed jeweller by the name of Sam Downes. The two instantly recognised something in each other; a vision and passion for their craft that stemmed from more than just the work.

Together the watchmaker and the jeweller brought their passion for life to their craft. They saw the way beautiful things reflected beautiful moments in life. The way a piece of jewellery could become more than just a piece of craftsmanship. How, with love, it could become a work of art.

They used to say that you can’t buy love, but you can carry it with you. Because remembering the love of a parent, a child, or a loved one is what makes a life worth living. With over 100 years’ experience, Mazzucchelli’s know more than just how to recognise quality. We also know that the real value of things is known only by the person who holds them.

Since opening our ‘golden doors’ in 1903, Mazzucchelli’s has grown across five States and Territories. The secret to our success has been a philosophy built upon this history: that there is a special something within everyone’s means, something that will forever reflect those special moments in life. And we continue this tradition, reflected in the same two passions from where we started: Diamonds and timepieces.

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