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Winter Wish List

Winter is here and so are this season’s coolest trends! Think statement earrings, bold bracelets and layered pearls – this season it’s all about making it your own, so have fun and get started with our top picks below.
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Layer up!

Feeling the chill? Winter is definitely here! Dust off those coats, and layer up with our top picks for winter and stay on trend all season long!
Now is the perfect time for some retail therapy as our Huge ½ Yearly Event is on now! With great pieces and great prices, there’s never been a better time to visit your nearest Mazzucchelli’s store.

Two is better than one!

Start the year in style!  Pantone’s colours of the year for 2016 will keep you on trend from January to December! For the first time ever, there are TWO splendid shades to enjoy: Rose Quartz (jewellery lovers – enough said!) and Serenity – a beautiful, ethereal blue.

Take a look at these fashion forward pieces available at Mazzucchelli’s that will keep you on-trend in 2016!

At Mazzucchelli’s two is definitely better than one!

Celebrate with Sapphire

Feeling blue? If you’re lucky enough to be born in the month of September, there’s nothing to feel blue about, unless of course you have your eye on a new piece featuring your birthstone, the Sapphire!

Sapphires have been popular for centuries; worn by medieval clergy for their heavenly blessings and by royalty to symbolise wisdom, virtue and good fortune. Today they continue to be associated with sincerity and truth and are believed to enhance positivity.

Best known in its glorious blue form, Sapphires are actually available in just about every colour of the rainbow, including pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. One of the most sought after gems in the world is the Padparadscha Sapphire; a beautiful mix of pink and orange and reminiscent of a vivid sunset.

We couldn’t talk about Sapphires without mentioning the most famous Sapphire in the world - the Princess Diana / Duchess of Cambridge engagement ring! Yes, of course we mean that brilliant blue, 12 carat Sapphire, surrounded by 14 dazzling diamonds, every girl wishes she was wearing right now!

Celebrate September and feel like a princess with these great Sapphire pieces at Mazzucchelli’s! Visit us in store to view our entire Sapphire collection.

All That Glitters

The allure of gold and our desire to own it has been around as long as man himself. The beautiful lustre of gold comes in a variety of colours from yellow to pink and white. Because gold is a precious metal, it is also extremely durable and does not rust or tarnish, making it very wearable.

Gold is said to symbolise success and is associated with prosperity, happiness, success and elegance. Who could resist that! You can wear gold with just about any outfit. The only thing you need to remember is our golden rule - make it your own and wear it with confidence, no matter what your personal style!

Current fashion trends include fine gold chains and layered necklaces as well as more chunky and bold statement rings and bangles.

Are you lucky enough to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary? (Congratulations from us if you are!) Look no further for memorable gold pieces for both ladies and gents!

Whatever your occasion or celebration hurry into Mazzucchelli’s this week to be part of our very own Gold Event. Click here to view our gold flyer to see just some of the great deals on offer, but hurry it’s only for one week (ends Sunday).


Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe said it and at Mazzucchelli’s we know it - diamonds are a girl’s best friend and as it turns out, that friendship is older than you might think!

Descriptions of diamonds first appeared in India in the 4th Century BC, by the 13th Century they had found their way to Europe and began to appear in the jewellery and regalia of royalty. Diamonds were so rare and so valuable, Louis IX of France even established a law reserving diamonds just for himself - it seems diamonds could also be a gentleman’s best friend! Diamonds were eventually worn by the kings and queens of Europe and later by the aristocrats and wealthy merchants. In the 18th Century, diamonds were a must have for the world’s wealthiest women, although they only wore them in the evening!

At Mazzucchelli’s we believe in glitz and glamour - all day, every day! This month, we have dazzling diamond pieces to make any day amazing! Look at our amazing offers here.

Bring Back The Sunshine!

It's been a cold winter and we're ready for some sunshine!

At Mazzucchelli's, we've found a way to brighten things up this Winter... Yellow diamonds!

Our natural Yellow diamonds (aka Canary diamonds) develop their illustrious colour as nitrogen atoms arrange themselves while the diamond is forming. The result? It’s simply beautiful.

Yellow diamonds enhance the characteristics of white diamonds (strength, balance, clarity and abundance), symbolising friendship, happiness, joy, hope and renewal; perfect for spring dreaming!

The most famous Yellow diamond is “The Incomparable”, weighing in at an astonishing 407.49 carats! *Sigh* a girl can dream!

Looking for something a little more wearable? Take a look out our amazing Yellow diamond pieces from our Rand Collection.

Ruby Red

What colour would you normally associate with love and passion? It’s obvious isn’t it, red. Red is the colour of love. What better way could there be than to show your love with a Ruby.

The Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones and is also the birthstone for July. Rubies are said to represent love, passion, health and wisdom and are also traditionally given to celebrate 40th wedding anniversaries.

The Ruby belongs to the same family as the Sapphire, the Corundum family of gemstones. All other colours of the Corundum family (orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple) are called Sapphires.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, the House of Harry Winston created a pair of slippers made entirely from Rubies. The pair featured 4,600 pieces of real Rubies weighing 1,350 carats. Unfortunately the only woman lucky enough to wear them was Judy Garland.

Rubies are the 2nd hardest gemstone, only surpassed by the Diamond, so they’re definitely a great choice for every day jewellery wear.

Visit us in-store today to view some of our beautiful Ruby pieces – to start your very own Ruby collection. Click here to find your nearest Mazzucchelli’s store.

Emerald Green - Autumn Trend

Making for a glamorous jewelled statement is the shade of the season – Emerald green. A sure way to brighten up your wardrobe, inject a bold shot of Emerald!

The colder months are traditionally classic shades of black, grey and brown, but this season no outfit is complete without a pop of colour!

The Emerald is also the birthstone for those lucky enough to be born in May and radiates a beautiful vivid tone.

Emeralds are the rarest gemstones, even rarer than diamonds. The Emerald is also the traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary. 

This stone has always been associated with fertility and love, making it perfect for Mothers and future Mothers. 

Visit us in store to see all of our beautiful Emerald pieces.

Trending Now - Rose Gold

Known also as Pink Gold and Red Gold, Rose Gold was popular in Russia at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century and was once known as Russian Gold. Whatever your skin tone, Rose Gold will suit perfectly. Modern, classic and vintage styles come together beautifully in this romantic coloured metal.

Rose Gold is as versatile as gold itself, and looks absolutely stunning worn with nearly everything!

Rose Gold is one of our favourite wedding trends, but it’s an especially appealing metal for Autumn brides and grooms who want to add a little touch of glam to their day! Rose Gold works so well with all of the traditional colours you think of when you think Autumn.

Here’s our pick of the best Rose Gold jewellery that you can add to your collection today - there’s even something for the boys! Visit us in-store to see our entire collection.