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‘Dia – mon’d’

The word diamond originates from the greek word ‘Adamus’ meaning unconquerable and indestructible.
Diamonds are the perfect way to celebrate any April birthday;  whether it’s a gift for somebody or just a special treat for yourself, you can’t beat the brilliance and beauty of diamonds.
Diamonds have remained the world’s most coveted stone – and it’s not just because of that brilliant sparkle! Diamonds are believed to increase the wearer’s clarity, balance and inner-strength, making them the perfect gift for everyone!

The biggest known diamond in the universe is a star named Lucy. The star has a carbon interior that crystalised as it cooled which formed a giant diamond in the sky.
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Pretty in PURPLE!

Time to celebrate February Birthdays!

Because of amethyst’s wine like colour, the Greeks associated the stone with Bachus, their god of wine, resulting in everyone thinking that wearing amethyst prevented drunkenness. Not only was amethyst believed to prevent drunkenness it was also thought to keep the wearer clear-headed, quick-witted and bring good luck!
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Celebrate with Sapphire

Feeling blue? If you’re lucky enough to be born in the month of September, there’s nothing to feel blue about, unless of course you have your eye on a new piece featuring your birthstone, the Sapphire!

Sapphires have been popular for centuries; worn by medieval clergy for their heavenly blessings and by royalty to symbolise wisdom, virtue and good fortune. Today they continue to be associated with sincerity and truth and are believed to enhance positivity.

Best known in its glorious blue form, Sapphires are actually available in just about every colour of the rainbow, including pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. One of the most sought after gems in the world is the Padparadscha Sapphire; a beautiful mix of pink and orange and reminiscent of a vivid sunset.

We couldn’t talk about Sapphires without mentioning the most famous Sapphire in the world - the Princess Diana / Duchess of Cambridge engagement ring! Yes, of course we mean that brilliant blue, 12 carat Sapphire, surrounded by 14 dazzling diamonds, every girl wishes she was wearing right now!

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Pearls, The June Birthstone

This month we’re celebrating the beginning of Winter, and if you’re celebrating a June birthday you’re lucky enough to have the Pearl as your birthstone. Pearls have been widely popular in jewellery for centuries because of their natural beauty.

Not just for Grandma, pearls are a great addition to any outfit for any occasion. There are many varieties of pearls available, including Freshwater, Tahitian and Broome South Sea.

Pearls are said to signify faithfulness, friendship and loyalty; and considered a symbol of purity. The natural lustre and translucence of pearls make them one of the most luxurious and favoured gems.

Did you know that pearls are available in a variety of colours? Keep it classic with white or shake it up with shades of black or gold.  

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Emerald Green - Autumn Trend

Making for a glamorous jewelled statement is the shade of the season – Emerald green. A sure way to brighten up your wardrobe, inject a bold shot of Emerald!

The colder months are traditionally classic shades of black, grey and brown, but this season no outfit is complete without a pop of colour!

The Emerald is also the birthstone for those lucky enough to be born in May and radiates a beautiful vivid tone.

Emeralds are the rarest gemstones, even rarer than diamonds. The Emerald is also the traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary. 

This stone has always been associated with fertility and love, making it perfect for Mothers and future Mothers. 

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April is the month of the Diamond

The diamond is the April Birthstone!

Diamonds are a symbol of love and commitment. They’re the hardest natural substance on Earth.

It’s a well known fact that for years diamonds, as the birthstone for April, have been a “girl’s best friend”. Those lucky enough to be born in April are the envy of many!

Now just because your birthday doesn’t fall into the month of April, doesn’t mean that you can’t have the April birthstone set into a magnificent piece of jewellery for yourself. Diamonds are so versatile and durable that they can be used in just about anything. Diamonds are the ideal gift for a loved one. And now you have more choices than ever. Get creative and give the ultimate gift of beauty.

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