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Great Gift Ideas for May!

Whether it’s a great gift for Mum or a happy May birthday, emeralds are the perfect way to celebrate this month!
Said to signify rebirth and love, emeralds are among the world’s rarest gemstones. Their unrivalled brilliant green colour exudes luxury in every style, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.
Give Mum the best of the best this Mother’s Day with our favourite emerald pieces.
Click here to view the Mother’s Day Catalogue.

The Best for the Best

Since 1903 we’ve been delighted to share in the special moments of our Mazzucchelli’s customers; especially Mother’s Day, a time to honour, celebrate and spoil Mum’s everywhere!
Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and our 2016 Mother’s Day Catalogue is filled with great gifts that Mum will treasure!

One of our favourite trends this Mother’s Day is Rose Gold. It’s beautiful, warm, and the perfect addition to any jewellery collection. From classic to modern, we’ve got styles to suit every Mum. Rose Gold is as versatile as gold itself, and looks stunning worn with absolutely everything!

Take a look at our top picks bellow and spoil Mum with the best of the best this Mother’s Day, only at Mazzucchelli's.

A Marvellous Mabe

Mabe (pronounced Mar-bay) pearls have a dramatic oversized dome shape and shimmering lustre.

A Mabe pearl is actually a cultured blister pearl that is grown differently than other cultured pearls. Instead of being grown inside the body of the oyster, a Mabe pearl is grown against the inside of the shell. This allows the Mabe pearl to develop a dome shape with a flat back, and is why Mabe pearls are sometimes referred to as "half pearls".

Even with the help of man, creating a Mabe pearl is a time consuming process. Just the craft of seeding a Mabe oyster takes years of training to master. However, the glistening, iridescence of Mabe pearls is well worth the wait.

To quote Jackie Kennedy, ‘Pearls are always appropriate’ and we couldn’t agree more. Spoil Mum this Mother’s Day with a beautiful Mabe pearl gift from Mazzucchelli’s.

Click here to view our Mother’s Day Catalogue or view our entire Pearl gallery here.

Fancy That!

This month, Sotheby’s is auctioning the treasured ring of beloved child star, turned diplomat Shirley Temple. The gorgeous cushion-cut, 9.54 carat stone is expected to fetch between US$25 – 35 million when it goes under the hammer later this month.
The beautiful “Fancy Deep Blue” diamond ring was presented to America’s sweetheart by her father for her 12th birthday – now that’s some gift!

‘Dia – mon’d’

The word diamond originates from the greek word ‘Adamus’ meaning unconquerable and indestructible.
Diamonds are the perfect way to celebrate any April birthday;  whether it’s a gift for somebody or just a special treat for yourself, you can’t beat the brilliance and beauty of diamonds.
Diamonds have remained the world’s most coveted stone – and it’s not just because of that brilliant sparkle! Diamonds are believed to increase the wearer’s clarity, balance and inner-strength, making them the perfect gift for everyone!

The biggest known diamond in the universe is a star named Lucy. The star has a carbon interior that crystalised as it cooled which formed a giant diamond in the sky.
Hurry in store to take advantage of our $5 Million Diamond Clearance on now and let us connect YOU with YOUR diamond.

Can you say DRAMA?

We sure can!  Statement earrings are back and BIGGER than ever!
This season’s hottest trend is big, bold and beautiful. From dazzling art deco to modern-day magic, we’ve got statement earrings for every style.
Take a look at our top picks below or visit us in-store to see our entire collection.

Keep Calm and Wear AQUAMARINE!

Happy March Birthdays! This one’s for you…
From the Latin aqua (water) and marina (sea), the brilliant blue of the Aquamarine really says it all! Aquamarine comes in various shades of blue, from pretty pastels to deep, dark blues of the ocean, there’s an Aquamarine for everybody.
Aquamarine keeps its wearer calm and is a symbol of youth, hope and faith. It was even believed to keeps sailors safe at sea!
See in-store for our beautiful Aquamarine pieces. It’s a match made in March at Mazzucchelli’s!



Congratulations to Gilly Smith, who is the lucky winner of a beautiful Mazzucchelli’s diamond ring.

Gilly entered the Westfield Innaloo Month of Love competition and was lucky enough to win first prize of a gorgeous Mazzucchelli’s ½ Carat tw Diamond Platinum ring valued at $3,999.

The photo below shows a very happy Gilly with her beautiful ring.

Forevermark Diamonds

Centre Stage at the Oscars!

FOREVERMARK graced the Red Carpet at the 88th Academy Awards in Los Angeles, dressing presenters Olivia Munn, Giuliana Rancic, and our very own Margot Robbie in beautiful Forevermark diamonds by De Beers.
If you’re looking for a little red carpet glamour in your life, look no further than Mazzucchelli’s – the exclusive home of Forevermark diamonds! Click here to view our entire Forevermark collection.

Mazzucchelli’s TLC

So you’ve just bought yourself a beautiful piece of jewellery from Mazzucchelli’s – wonderful! We’ve got a few tips and tricks to keep your jewellery sparkling like new – every day of the year!

  1. Steer clear of hard work – just kidding, but make sure to remove your jewellery when doing rough work.
  2. Keep your jewellery safe and protected in a fabric lined jewellery box or bag.
  3. Avoid wearing jewellery when swimming or showering – harsh chemicals and salt can erode the finish and soap can leave a film, making your jewellery appear dull.
  4. Avoid wearing jewellery when applying makeup, creams and perfume – they may contain chemicals that can damage your jewellery.
  5. Avoid wearing jewellery while sleeping – chains can become damaged as the links kink and weaken.
  6. To avoid scratches, remove tarnish and bring back shine, use a professional polishing cloth.
  7. And finally, for some serious sparkle – take advantage of our complimentary jewellery cleaning service! Nothing beats a Mazzucchelli’s professional clean for guaranteed ‘just like new’ brilliance!  Visit us in store today.