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It’s Springtime!

Spring is finally here and we’re loving everything about it! Blue skies, sunshine, and longer days that give you more time to shine. Hang those coats back up in your wardrobe and welcome in Spring with gorgeous Tahitian Pearls. Tahitian Pearls are formed in the black lipped oyster, giving them their extraordinary colour range; from black to dark purples and bright peacock greens and blues, Tahitian Pearls are the perfect accessory for Spring!

See our latest Tahitian Pearl pieces below, follow us on Pinterest, or visit us in store and enjoy the full Collection.

Celebrate with Sapphires!

One of our favourite gemstones, Sapphires are most often found in beautiful shades of blue. Associated with royalty and romance for centuries, the Sapphire was believed to protect wearers from envy and harm and attract heavenly blessings. Sapphires continue to be a cornerstone of modern-day jewellery and we think they look just gorgeous paired with dazzling diamonds and shimmery white gold in our new dress rings!

Take a look at our Sapphire Pinterest board here or visit us in-store for our great birthday offers!

Hooray! It’s Our Birthday!

113 years ago we opened our ‘golden doors’ and welcomed Australians into the wonderful world of Mazzucchelli's. We’ve been celebrating life’s special moments ever since; from engagements and weddings, to anniversaries and birthdays, our customers have delighted in our breathtaking designs and can continue to be confident in the exceptional quality of the ever-expanding Mazzucchelli's range.

Celebrate with us and click here to view our great birthday offers!

Written in the stars…

Introducing the Mazzucchelli’s Constellation Collection!

This new and exclusive Collection consists of ‘one-off’ pieces of pure luxury guaranteed to excite and tantalise your senses.

Each piece within the Collection is unique and named after a shining star – every piece dazzles the beholder and is truly marvellous in design and presentation!

Recently beginning its journey at our Garden City store in Western Australia, the Collection will be travelling around the country over the coming months.

Visit your nearest Mazzucchelli's store soon to register your interest in viewing this stunning Collection at a store near you.

All About White Gold

Many of us love white gold, aka the ulra-chic silvery cousin of yellow gold, but what exactly is white gold? We’ve answered below some common questions we often hear from our Mazzucchelli’s customers.

Q. Is white gold naturally occurring?
A. No, white gold does not occur naturally, pure gold (24 carat) is always yellow.

Q. How is white gold made?
A. In jewellery, white gold is usually mixed with other metals to increase its strength and durability; to make white gold, yellow gold can be combined with palladium to create a cool off-white colour.

Q. What is rhodium plating?
A. Rhodium plating is often used to coat white gold (and sometimes silver) jewellery. It creates the shimmering white finish we can’t get enough of! Rhodium plating is not permanent and will require re-plating, depending on wear.

Take a look at some of our favourite white gold pieces from the Vera Wang LOVE Collection here.

Vera Wang LOVE

The Vera Wang LOVE Collection beautifully combines romantic old-world charm and sentimentality with the elegance and simplicity of modern design. We especially love the surprise Sapphires, ‘something blue’ for brides to be or a brilliant splash of colour for those who like to dazzle every day!

During August, our Vera Wang LOVE promotion provides the perfect time to fall in love with your very own piece. View the entire Collection on our gallery or visit us in-store.

What a night!

Recently we had the privilege of sponsoring the Telethon Adventurers 2016 Brainchild Ball, in support of childhood brain cancer research.

Together Moët & Chandon and Mazzucchelli's presented the Lost in Luxury bar, where 150 generous attendees could purchase a glass of Champagne – each containing a cubic stone…only one glass contained the beautiful 0.71 Carat Forevermark diamond, valued at $12,500 and proudly donated by Mazzucchelli's.

The lucky, and deserving winner, was Dr Jacqueline Whitehouse, who continues to devote her time, energy and expertise to a cause near and dear to all of us at Mazzucchelli's.

“What a better story to accompany an heirloom piece of jewellery than it having its beginning at a fundraiser to raise money to help our laboratory and labs around the world end childhood brain cancer. Incredible.”
- Dr Jacqueline Whitehouse

Looking for a little bit of luxury in your life? View our stunning range of Forevermark diamonds here.

Gold Star Team!

At Mazzucchelli’s we take the opportunity to celebrate the very best moments with our brilliant team at our annual conference. This year, our Management Team and top Sales Professionals travelled to Alice Springs for 3 days participation in exclusive training sessions, workshops and group activities designed to further their specialised knowledge and enable them to continue to provide our customers with the very best retail experience. Of course, Alice Springs has so much more to offer, and there was plenty of fun to be had too including a trip to Uluru! Congratulations to our Gold Star participants, and keep up the great work!

A promise made is a promise kept

A diamond is the purchase of a lifetime, to symbolise everything that we are and will be together; a promise that ‘I’ll be beside you always’.

Our beautiful Promise Collection boasts brilliant solitaire rings, pendants and earrings in 18ct yellow and white gold, and are available in both Classic and Certified Premium Collections.

Click here to view the Promise Collection gallery or visit us in-store and let one of our experienced staff connect you with your diamond.

Ruby – Birthstone for July

It’s July, and we’re celebrating with these gorgeous ruby pieces.

The ruby was treasured by Ancient cultures who believed they held the power to life.

Today, rubies are thought to symbolise love, passion, health and wisdom and are one of the most popular gemstones.

We can’t think of a better way to warm up this winter than with a red hot statement!

Take a look at our ruby red Pinterest board for our favourite pieces, and top styling tips, or visit us in-store today to see our entire Collection.