The Perfect Proposal

We know that with a beautiful Mazzucchelli’s ring in hand, your proposal will be PERFECT no matter what! But planning a proposal can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting, so we’ve put together a few practical tips to make sure your proposal goes off without a hitch!

Need-to-know only

When planning a surprise (especially one as important as a proposal), it’s generally best practice to tell as few people as possible. We know it’s exciting, and you probably want to shout it from the rooftop, but if you want your proposal to remain a surprise keep your lips sealed!

Delight in the decoy

Oh how we love a decoy! Why? Well it’s usually two great experiences instead of one (what’s not to like!), plus if she suspects you’re planning something she’ll instantly relax after the decoy, and then you’ll be ready to COMPLETELY surprise her with the proposal – she’ll never see it coming! Picnics, walks, family celebrations are all great decoys…

Plan your outfit

Of course, you’ll want to be looking sharp, but you must, and we mean must think about where you’ll be hiding that ring – especially if you plan on sitting through dinner first! Thinking about getting down on one knee? Tight pants have no place in a traditional proposal!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

The weather turns bad, you run into your boss at dinner, your bride-to-be gets stuck in traffic – it’s the stuff of nightmares, right? The bad news is, these things do happen, but don’t let them ruin your big moment – perfect proposals still happen, even in the rain, twenty-minutes after you’ve lost your dinner reservation.

So, now you have your proposal plan sorted but you’re still looking for the perfect ring? Visit us in-store to talk to one of our experienced staff members who will help connect you with your diamond. You can also take a look at some of our favourites below or find out more in the Mazzucchelli’s Magazine on our website.