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Dazzling Diamond Facts

We're celebrating diamonds (and all those lucky April birthdays!) with a little bit of diamond trivia!

Did you know?
Diamonds are the hardest natural material on earth; they are 58 times harder than anything else in nature.

Can you believe it?
There is a star fifty light years from earth and it's a 10 billion-trillion-trillion carat diamond!

Did you know?
In most diamond mines, the average yield is 1 part diamond to 1 million parts host rock.

Can you believe it?
Diamonds form over billions of years approximately 200km beneath the earth's surface, and are pushed to the surface in a matter of moments by volcanic eruptions.

Did you know?
During the Middle Ages diamonds were believed to contain healing properties, and were thought to heal ailments ranging from fatigue to mental illness.

Can you believe it?
The Cullinan diamond (mined in 1905) is the largest diamond ever discovered. Before cutting and polishing it weighed-in at an astonishing 3,106.75 carats!

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Awesome Autumn

Leaves aren't the only things falling this Autumn; visit us in-store where prices are falling! The time is now - get that dazzling diamond ring you've had your eye on, treat yourself with a beautiful bracelet, or celebrate a special occasion with a luxury watch from the world's best Swiss Watch brands.

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All About Aquamarine!

We're celebrating all the March birthdays by getting to know Aquamarine a little bit better.

Of course Aquamarine is the birthstone for March (no surprises there), but did you know this beautiful blue gemstone was believed to calm the waves at sea and keep the sailors safe. 

Not a sailor? Aquamarine is also believed to enhance the happiness of marriages - now who would say 'no' to a little bit of extra happiness!

With Aquamarine, it's all about the blue, which is perfectly complimented by shimmering white gold. White gold settings create a delicate, whimsical look, straight out of a fairy tale.

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Elite Brands We Love!

At Mazzucchelli's we are proud to bring the world's most elite diamond brands to our customers, ensuring there is always something truly wonderful available to suit every style and budget. This month we are featuring some of these brands with amazing in-store offers.

The Vera Wang LOVE Collection

The Vera Wang LOVE Collection is rooted in the classics; simple, elegant designs, that enhance the beauty of any bride. The timeless designs will be treasured for an eternity, and each features surprise blue sapphires, a unique design statement, and symbols of everlasting love. We're thrilled to bring this exclusive Collection to Australia.

The Forevermark Promise

Every Forevermark Diamond comes with a promise – that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Proof of this promise lies at the heart of every Diamond; invisible to the naked eye, the inscription includes the De Beers Forevermark icon and a unique number. Forevermark is a Diamond that you can be proud to give, wear and own forever.


Trace the journey of your very own RAND Diamond from its original birthplace to your unique celebration. A RAND Diamond possesses a superior cut, clarity and colour, and is backed by a Laboratory Grading Report, as well as a unique Provenance Report.

The Promise Collection

A Diamond is the purchase of a lifetime, to symbolise everything that we are and will be together. A Solitaire is a ring that promises ‘I’ll be beside you always’. At Mazzucchelli's, you can choose from our stunning range of Solitaires available in Classic, Certified and Premium Certified Collections, as well as one of the largest ranges of loose stones.

The Halo Collection

This dazzling style features a large round brilliant centre Diamond, encircled by sparkling smaller Diamonds. Our Halo Collection beautifully brings together classic style and elegant, modern design; featuring traditional round settings as well as contemporary cushion halo settings. This stunning style has been beloved for centuries and provides unparalleled sparkle, sophistication and beauty.

Maple Leaf Diamonds

Hailing from Canada’s first diamond mine, these superb Diamonds are among the best in the world. For billions of years, Maple Leaf Diamonds laid dormant under the frozen tundra of Northern Canada; today the pristine Canadian North has become symbolic of the purity and beauty of Canadian Diamonds. Each Maple Leaf Diamond is laser engraved with a tracking number that allows your Diamond to be traced through all stages of the refinement process.

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February Style

February; the weather's crazy! Heatwaves, storms and luckily, a few mild days - it's hard to know what to wear. The good news is, jewellery is perfect in any weather! Take a look at our top three style tips for February:

Style Tip #1

As the birthstone for February, Amethyst is of course our go-to gemstone. Ranging from lovely pastel shades of lavender to intense, deep purples; its strength and durability makes it the perfect choice for jewellery, plus its beautiful colour perfectly complements both warm and cool tones for year round style and sophistication.

Style Tip #2

As the seasons start to change we love mixing metals to create warmer or cooler looks. Pair yellow and rose gold to create a glowing, sunny style or keep it cool with shimmering white gold together with yellow or rose gold.

Style Tip #3

Layer up (without breaking a sweat!); we love layering fine chains, ornate pendants and pearl strands to create an elegant look just perfect for work and weekends.

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Happily Ever After

We can't think of a sweeter day to pop the question than Valentine's Day! Celebrate your love with the promise of forever - and a beautiful ring that's meant to be.

Our current issue of the Mazzucchelli's Magazine has everything you need to know about choosing the perfect ring. Visit us in-store to get your own copy or view it on our website.

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Happy Lunar New Year!

Start the year feeling great (especially you Roosters!). Roosters are brave, loyal, hard-working, witty, charming, creative, and fashionable; this year is your year - be bold, be brave, and take your style to the next level with Mazzucchelli's!

Looking for a little luck? Forget about crossing your fingers - Gold is your lucky colour Roosters!

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Fall in Love all Over Again!

This year we’re celebrating the journey; whether you're at the beginning of your fairy-tale or you’ve found your happily ever after, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to honour your relationship with something personal, meaningful, and lasting.

At Mazzucchelli's we know that you can't buy love, but you can carry it with you with a gift from one heart to another. Our 2017 Valentine’s Day Brochure is filled with gorgeous gifts that will have you falling in love all over again!

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Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!

Pearls have always been ultra-chic; exuding sophistication, elegance and downright fancy charm. This year pearls are getting a style shakeup! In 2017 you can’t go wrong with pearls; keep it traditional with single strands or layer up for a playful look. Be bold with single pendants and big button earrings, and embrace your personal style with our top picks for January.

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We're in full swing!

It's the middle of tennis season and there's just one thing on our minds – tennis bracelets!

The term ‘tennis bracelet’ became popular when American tennis champion Chris Evert dropped her diamond bracelet while playing in the 1987 U.S. Open – that’s one serious backhand!

Tennis bracelets are the king of all bracelets; dripping in diamonds, their classic, elegant design is perfect for glamorous evenings and cosmopolitan brunches and lunches alike.

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